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My Personal Home Page

My Personal Home Page is a free (released under the GNU GPL) Web application which acts as a Personal Information Manager (PIM). A set of toolboxes gives you the ability to manage and access personal data from any computer connected to the Internet. Current toolboxes are:

Periodicly checks your POP3 or IMAP account and tells you the number of unread messages
Address book
Store your friends info, contact details, addresses, etc. in this complete address book
Upcoming birthday
This one uses info in the address book to remind you of your friends birthday
TODO list
Write down here what you have to do when you go home (or go to work, or whatever) and you won't forget your duties
A little notepad, to write your shopping list (or whatever you want) and save it for later retrieval
Search Engines
Search Google from your Personal Home Page
If like me you like to keep a track of the SMS you've been sent, you can use this toolbox to store them

Languages currently supported are:

If it sounds interesting to you, you can download the source code and setup you own server.

Also check out the 1024 game if you found 2048 was too hard, or 4096 if it was too easy